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Healthy Lifestyle

Blood pressure, weight, cholesterol and well person checks, smoking, alcohol, diet and exercise advice can be sought from members of our Primary Care team.

Minor Surgery

Some of our GPs are registered to carry out minor procedures within a primary care setting. These procedures may include removal of skin lesions or injections into joints and muscles.

You need to send an eConsult to the Practice and a Clinician will respond with the process to have the procedure carried out, provided it is appropriate to be performed at the surgery. For other procedures, you may be referred to the hospital.

Travel Advice & Vaccinations

Routine Travel Vaccinations are no longer administered by General Practice but by the new NHS Ayrshire & Arran Travel Health Service. Please go to the “Fit for Travel” Website which provides non patient specific general advice for Travel Health and vaccinations or call NHS Inform on 0800 22 44 88 where call handers will be available to talk individuals through the process over the phone. To be effective many vaccinations have to be given at least 8 weeks prior to your visit abroad, please plan ahead.


If you are a carer, please notify the receptionists, we may be able to offer you help and advice. You may also be entitled to receive a flu vaccination each year. You do not need to identify the person you care for. For more information about our services to carers, please read the Information for Carers leaflet available to download from our website.

Non-NHS Services

In addition to the wide range of NHS services that are provided free at the point of delivery, we provide other services which fall outside the NHS, for which a fee is payable. The following list is not exhaustive, but such services include:

  • The preparation of medical reports for insurance companies/solicitors;
  • Private certificates;
  • Conducting medical examinations, eg for insurance companies, driving medicals, holiday cancellations;
  • The completion of medical questionnaires for public/private authorities, e.g. OFSTED;
  • Completion of forms, eg fitness to travel for insurance cancellation purposes;
  • Production of letters of reference ( depending on reason );
  • Private prescriptions.

These services are private and not part of the NHS services so please ask at reception for the latest prices. Fees are to be paid at the time that the service is delivered.